About us

A family business devoted to the breeding and sale of American horses, from the breeds Quarter, Paint and Appaloosa.
Lovers and owners of horses since 1992, we started practicing English riding and through the years, we have been guided to American horses and western riding. As we love nature and doing excursions in the fields and in the mountains, we have chosen horses with great physical endurance, agility and good character. That’s why we have chosen to work with the breeds that, in our opinion, offer us these essential characteristics.
We have transmitted our love to horses to our children, who have started their way in different equestrian disciplines in western riding, especially, reining, team penning and cutting. In these disciplines, the horses best adapted are the ones from the breeds we have chosen.
First of all, we bought some Quarter horses thinking for ourselves. As time went by, we decided to start with their breeding. Our horses are from Canada and France, selected by their skills and good origins. We have always preferred Quarter horses, but, some years ago, we decided to try with appaloosas and paints, due to their similar morphological and behavior characteristics. It is possible to mix horses from the breeds quarter-paint -the result is a paint horse- and quarter-appaloosa -where the result is an appaloosa horse-, this way we have been able to produce a biggest variety of horses and breeds, which enables us to broaden our offer.
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