How we work

Every year we decide the number of mares with which we want to breed and we think of the product we want to obtain. So, if we want a colt with aptitude to work with cattle, we will choose one of our mares with this ability and with top working-cattle horses in her pedigree. At the same time, the stallion will be chosen following the same system. We usually breed with our own stallions, however, we sometimes decide to vary and we breed with horses from other farms. Our aim is to obtain colts with the best origins, so they can also be top-horses in their disciplines.
The most important thing for us is the welfare of our horses that’s why we follow some rotation cycles so our mares can maintain their physical abilities while they are not pregnant.
We take a lot of care in the feeding of our horses, especially during pregnancy and lactation. We have paddocks for horses, but, usually, they can enjoy freedom in big extensions. Our place is in the nature, it’s a 420 acres area, with some flat places and others with big height differences. The geographic conditions of the place are really good to help the horse be sane physically and psychically.
Our colts start their education right after they have suckled for the first time. Following Juan Araquistain’s advice, expert in natural training and with who we usually collaborate, we practice the “imprinting”. It is the first lesson that will enable the horse to associate with people and the start of a trusting relationship. Through the realization of a correct imprinting, done several times, we can help our horse to get used to whatever we want.
When we need to separate the horse from it’s mother-approximately when the horse is 5 months old- the horse should be used to the halter, we teach him to move with the rope, and we make him more sociable by sharing space with other colts.
In our place, clients can choose if they want that the colt they have bought stays with us for a longer time. In this case, we continue the education of the horse. It’s always good if our clients participate actively in this part of the training.
Before the horses are two years old, the colt should be used to working in the arena, and will easily accept the saddle and the bridle. In this moment, it will be necessary to make a decision about training the horse.