To port del comte (day 1) Gaià-Montclar

We left from La Codina! We estimate that the journey is just over one hundred kilometers but with some difficult points that can divert us and complicate the path we have set. We have the support of a car and a trailer for horses, so in case of emergency, we can get help. We have loaded provisions for the horses, a tent and several things that can be useful.

Our first objective is to cross the river Llobregat, without going too far south. No we left early as it was our intention. So we headed to Navas, following the Riera de Gaia, passing the “Massias” Noguera and Genescà. Always following the closest way to the stream, we got almost to the road that goes to Navas, from Prats de Lluçanès, that crosses the Riera de Gaia. At this point, abandoning the course of the stream without crossing the road, we find the GR 176 -GR as long-distance trails are marked with red and yellow lines-, we will take the GR towards Cardona, but we will leave to reach Navas.

Going on, we pass nearby the Masía Vilagaià and, not too far away, near Cal Tiquet, until we reach the bridge over the river Llobregat, that we cross dismounted because cars circulate on both directions. This is the most annoying part of the trip, cars, paved streets, roundabouts, etc., until we pass one of the biggest obstacles on the route: el Eix del Llobregat.

Once we get cross this hurdle, we follow parallel paths to the road of Viver i Serrateix, until we get to Viver. The first part is a bit annoying because you have to overcome walls and fences for livestock but, upon reaching the km 2 of the road, we follow a PR – short-distance trails marked with yellow and white stripes – to Viver. In this part of the trail, with well maintained paths and views of Berguedà, Bages and Solsonès, we did some galloping and clearly spotted in the distance, our ultimate goal (although still two days away from us)

On Viver we made our first stop and we ate lunch enjoying a marvelous view of the Prepirineu.

After the break we went to Sant Joan de Montdarn, Romanesque monastery of the ninth century, which is also part of the route of the 20 Romanesque churches. To do this, we follow a PR from Viver direction to Montclar or Montmajor.

Sant Joan de Montdarn, apart from being a beautiful Romanesque work, has good views. There, we spoke to a very nice shepherd, who told us, that when he was young, he did the same route with his flock of sheep …

museuWe continue our path towards Montmajor -by mistake as our real goal was Montclar, where we just ask for accommodation by phone- as the road was very well signposted.

On Montmajor, the people were very friendly. Among the people we talked a man that worked in the Museu d’Art del Bolet, that while we drank, he explained us how to get to Montclar, and he showed us some of the exhibits. (Mushrooms made of ceramic).


Here the old path from Montclar to Montmajor is mixed with the road and becomes really steep. Although the views are very nice and you find very cool “Masias”, it is not the best stretch for the horses and we did it dismounted.

On Montclar we got received with a well-lit view of the church. At the height of Sant Joan de Montdarn we had begun to call for accommodation and dinner. We estimated that we could get to Montclar before night fell and were lucky we could find what we needed.

On Hostal de Montclar,  the atmosphere was as authentic as nice and the dinner was generous and delicious. Here we share our dinner with our fellows quartermaster, that came with the car -without the trailer- equipped with everything needed for the horses.

On la Rectoria de Montclar, they put us in touch with a very friendly man who left us a place for horses and told us many stories about Montclar. The manager of the Rectory was very attentive and helpful. We had more than we needed: kitchen utensils, bathroom for a good shower and above all a bedroom clean and well appointed, where we could sleep on very comfortable beds.

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