Route to Balsareny Castle

This is a good hike, about 3 hours, at a very relaxed pace. All by forest paths, even though, there are a few meters of asphalt, but rarely transited and just for a few meters. It passes near many water flows and fresh places. It’s forest all the way, so we avoid the heat of the sun. But with the summer heat, we do not recommend excursions during the noon-in fact, we did this route in April-


We started in Gaia, on the road from Prats de Lluçanes to Navás and continue towards Balsareny, by the “serrat de Manovents“, once crossed, following due west, to soon find the path of the 20 Romanesque churches, of which we are only going to see one : Santa Susanna (Sallent).

From there, we left the route of the hermitages and we follow the main road until we find the “Riera de Gaia” and keep making route, following the flow of the stream(“Riera de Gaia”), and the Llobregat river, to find a bridge, in the textile colony the Rabeia, in Balsareny town, to cross Llobregat river.


Crossed the bridge this donkey welcomes us to Balsareny.

From there we follow the path, that will become asphalted, some meters finding a sign, that we are going to follow, which indicates to the path to “Resclosa dels manresans” where the medieval route of water or Transequia begins. It is a work of the fourteenth century that still carries water to the city of Manresa. Route I hope to show you soon.


Then we go around behind the castle following the Llobregat river, to find the signs to the castle, that will make us pass through the orchard, to go up to the castle.


This route is an introduction to this section. I hope, soon, post more routes.


Santa Susanna de l’Abellar de Baix (Romanesque)

Resclosa de la Sèquia de Manresa

Castell de Balsareny (Gotic)

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